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Since the beginning of the war, more than 2000 civilians have been killed by Russian missiles, according to official data. Help us protect Ukrainians from missiles - provide max military assisstance to Ukraine #Ukraine. #StandWithUkraine
Pi Chat infrastructure has been successfully migrated last week! This enables the Pi Chat app to have more frequent development of new features and independent scaling—important for ecosystem development and utility creation. Alongside this, we’re also introducing a fresh look and style to Chats.
506 467
AVOID LOSING YOUR PI – PROTECT YOUR PASSPHRASE! Your passphrase should ONLY be entered on the Pi Wallet at the “wallet.pi” URL in the Pi Browser. Be very careful—scammers have been creating fake Pi Wallet login pages to get Pioneers’ wallet passphrases and steal all their Pi. Also, Pi Core Team members will NEVER ask Pioneers for their wallet passphrases. Beware of Core Team impersonators as well.
819 532
Congratulations "Polls for Pi" for winning Pi Network's Q1 2023 Hackathon! Polls for Pi is a Web3 polling app that designs and administers polls and surveys, where the poll poster pays Pioneers for their answers to their polls in Pi. From the team: "Thank you Pi Network for the opportunity to apply what I learned from my mentors to contribute to communities we belong to. Building for the Hackathon was challenging and exciting!" Learn more here:
841 998
Data gathered during the Pi Enclosed Network period of Mainnet will help calibrate and tweak any configurations and formulae, if necessary, to ensure a stable and successful Open Network. Read more from the December 2021 Whitepaper chapters:
741 915
The latest Pi Tech and Product Update has been released, focusing on Q1 2023 work. Go to the home screen to read the update and share it with your network!
896 738
What is the Pi Enclosed Mainnet? The Enclosed Network period helps Pi focus on building ecosystem infrastructure and utilities viable within an enclosed environment—without external noise or instability.
890 704
Announcing Pi Hackathon winners! Go to the Pi app homepage for a winners announcement video and blog with more details about the incredible contributions that are being made to the Pi ecosystem.
1 108 828
The campaign continues! As mentioned in the Pi home screen announcement, submit your 10 second video about how you contribute to Pi! Submissions can be as short and sweet as "I shared Pi with [x] number of friends" or "I've validated over [x] number of KYC apps"!🥳
1 203 014
Watch the Pi Day Announcement highlights video where Nicolas Kokkalis, one of Pi’s founders, shares product releases and emphasizes how the entire Pi community can bring us closer to Open Network by working on Enclosed Network goals.
Happy Pi Day 2023!
All hands on deck, Pioneers—today is Pi Day! Let’s celebrate Pi Network’s 4th anniversary since its official launch. In addition to new product releases, we’re providing guidance on how Pioneers can contribute to the goals of Enclosed Network and bring the network closer to its Open Network period. Watch this special message from one of the Founders, Nicolas Kokkalis, and read the full Pi Day announcement to learn more.
903 739
Happy Pi Day, 2023! Today is Pi Network’s 4th anniversary since its official launch. See the Pi home screen to watch one of Pi's Founders, Nicolas Kokkalis, share new product releases and exciting ways Pioneers can contribute to progress the network in its Enclosed Mainnet goals Also, don’t forget to let us know what you’re doing for Pi by tagging a 10-second video on social media with of how you contribute to growing the network and building the ecosystem!
790 472
Pi Network is a globally accessible online blockchain ecosystem that makes use of Pi–a cryptocurrency for & by everyday people that you can mobile-mine for free. It’s a genuine effort by all Pioneers to build the ecosystem and give everyday people greater access to cryptocurrency 🙂
849 062
Remember to complete your Mainnet Checklist! Watch the updated video on the Pi home screen announcement to learn how to complete each Checklist step.
1 076 342
Join the Pi Hackathon! Read more details and instructions on how to participate:
642 767
Pi Network's 2023 Q1 Hackathon has begun! See the Pi app home screen announcement for more detailed Hackathon instructions and a Core Team video guide on SDK usage.
950 139
Read more about Pi Enclosed Mainnet restrictions here in a Core Team Q/A on the subject:
1 174 894
Pi Network Press Release on Unauthorized Token Listings:
Pi Network
Pi is a new digital currency being developed by a group of Stanford PhDs. For a limited time, you can join the beta to earn Pi and help grow the network.
1 106 962
Pi has not been listed on any exchange, and Pi Network has not been involved with any purported listings. You could sustain substantial loss by participating in unauthorized listings. Read more on our website:
1 335 647
1 887
How is everyone's 2023 going so far? Check out the Pi home screen announcement for an End-of-Year update that reviews many (but not all) of the Core Team's tech and product work for the latter half of 2022.
1 089 848
Hear insight from Pi Founders Nicolas Kokkalis and Chengdiao Fan via the latest Pi Chat Moderator AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) video linked here:
Pi Moderator AMA - September 2022
Pi Network Moderator Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) held on September 7, 2022. Download the Pi app at to start mining today.
2 132 931
2 285
Pioneers must complete their Mainnet Checklist before becoming eligible for Mainnet Migration. Complete yours as soon as possible! Watch this video that walks you through each step of the process.
Mainnet Checklist Guide
Complete your Pi Mainnet Checklist today to become eligible for Mainnet migration :) Learn how to create and use your Pi Wallet here:
2 645 470
3 302
Your will hold all of your Pi once you complete your Mainnet Checklist and migrate onto the Mainnet blockchain. Learn how to create a Pi Wallet today!
Pi Wallet - Create your Wallet today!
The Pi Wallet is essential for Pioneers to migrate their Pi Transferable Balance to Mainnet and send/receive Pi or make payments in Pi apps once on the Mainnet Blockchain.
1 063 481
1 006
Please always rely on information provided by Pi Network's official channels. We will always maintain a complete list of all official channels in the link below. If something is not there, then the account/source is not official even if it claims it is.
949 153
We're highlighting some of our favorite ! Read our blogpost below 🎨
1 114 010
Link to the MAINNET announcement video here 🙂
Pi2Day Pi Network Celebration
Join us this Pi2Day (June 28) for special Pi Network announcements! Download our mobile app to mine Pi today:
495 639
Remember to watch the home screen video in the Pi mining app for some exciting Mainnet and KYC updates 😍
660 096
If you haven't already, peep the Pi Network Mining Page overview video where we take you through how to understand and calculate your Pi mining rate!
Pi Mining Page overview
Pi Network brings you an overview of our Mining Page, where Pioneers can learn more about how their mining rates are calculated and what they can do to incre...
1 270 582
2 136
4 ways to increase your individual mining rate: - completing your Security Circle with at least 5 connections - inviting others to mine Pi for Referral Team rewards - reminding your existing Referral Team to mine - committing to a lockup setting or increasing your current lockup
1 428 674
The new base mining rate became effective on April 1st based on the rewards issuance formula released on March 1st. You can boost your individual mining rate through Pi Lockups, Referrals, Security Circle, App usage, and Node operations rewards!


1 164 944
In case you missed it, check out this Pi Founder AMA with the Pi moderator community from back in January :)
Pi moderator AMA - January 2022
Download our mobile app today to mine Pi for free.
1 090 166
Learn more about Mainnet here :)
Pi Whitepaper chapters: Pi Token Model, Mining Mechanism, and Roadmap
On December 28, 2021, Pi Network launched the Enclosed Mainnet along with new chapters of the updated Pi white paper that cover the Pi…
850 128
Last updated: 10.11.22
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